What gear do I need?
Temperatures range from Hot to below freezing, so watch the weather and be prepared for anything.

Where do I obtain a hunting license?
You can obtain a license in town after you arrive.

How many others hunters will be in camp at one time?
We will have as many as 8 hunters in camp at one time, but will try to keep it around 6. We can accommodate special requests. We have 2 bunk rooms for hunters, so we can keep groups together.

Can I bring a non hunting guest?
Yes for a nominal fee, just to cover lodging and meals.

How many acres are there to hunt?
We have 64,000 acres to hunt. Each hunter will have 8,000 to 10,000 acres to hunt each day, and many times much more.

Is killing an animal guaranteed?
This is a fair chase hunt and a kill is not guaranteed.

Should I book my trip early?
We are booking hunters first come, first serve. Due to our quality and success, we recommend booking as soon as possible.

How much should I tip?

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Giant Muleys Giant Muleys
Giant Muleys Giant Muleys

The Property

64,000 acres of prime Mule deer habitat.

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